Ready to run...

Today is my last day at work for more than a week! I got up super-early this morning to pack for the trip to St. Louis to stay with my family. I get off work at 3 (or if the Christmas elves let us out early today, maybe noon?) and then it's a six-hour drive.

I think I'll actually be able to post a little bit more while I'm visiting the fam. I know I'll actually get back into knitting more. Since I finished that hat, I haven't even picked up a set of needles. I'm a bit excited to pick my projects/yarn to take with me for the trip though!


knitting photos...really!

Yay! Here it is! My latest finished object is this hat that I was writing about in my last post. I do a lot of knitting - but I don't get a ton of stuff actually finished, so it's nice when it happens.

I wrote about it a little in my last post, but I have some clarifications. The "gauge swatch" I knit was really knitting the first 5 inches of the thing and then realizing it was too huge for my head. So, I frogged it and re-knit. The pattern was largely modified by me, but provided by a yarn store in St. Louis. The yarn is super-soft and doesn't hold shape well. I need to get a close-up posted so you can see the cool texture though. While it was knit in stockinette all the way, it looks like its ribbed. Maybe I'll post a photo of that tomorrow.

P.S. If anyone is actually out there reading this, drop me a comment. I'd like to know if I'm alone in the cyber universe!


first finished object for new blog - or not

Bad photo, but nice item. This is supposed to be a roll-brim hat made from Plymouth Sinsation Yarn. The pattern (free from the yarn store I go too with the yarn purchase) calls for two balls and knitting on US 10.5 needles. Not in my world. I knit a gauge swatch, and it was way too huge - and I have a big head! I downsized to US 9s, but then ran out of yarn. The result is nice though - the hat doesn't hug my head, but sits there perfectly, like it's a little hat.

Yeah, so that was going to be my post a few weeks ago after I took pictures of a hat I made. Unfortunately, I live out in the boonies, and only have dial-up, which won't let me post photos from home!!! Looks like I'll have to do that from work now. Great. One more thing to get me in trouble. Photos of real knitting coming tomorrow. Really, I promise!!


testing, testing

My first attempt at a photo post. These fine animals belong to my parents. The black labs are Shadow and Thunder (also known as Fat Boy and Little Man,) and the fuzzy man is Maximus the Gladiator. Those stupid shirts were not my idea. I would have preferred to see them in a knit sweater!


am i one of the cool kids?

So, I just signed up for Secret Pal 7 - but I guess I'll have to wait and see if I'm accepted. I wouldn't be surprised if I"m not simply because I don't post very much on my blog. (New Year's resolution to start now: POST ON YOUR BLOG!!)

So I guess this is it - I've got plenty of photos of my knitting, I just need to kick it into high gear and start posting them. More to come soon!!


not a girl, not yet a woman

So, at the ripe old age of 26, I have never purchased a brand-spanking new car. Never really had the money or desire to do it. Then I saw the object of my obsession, a 2005 Honda CR-V, and it was sort of the right price. I could handle it. Or so I thought. Instead, I found myself getting sick to my stomach (just like my mother) when I thought of spending all that money.

So, I chickened out. I'm just going to make a huge list of repairs that need to be done to my trusty Honda Accord and go from there. This way, I can use the money that I was going to spend on a CR-V on something else that I won't need.

I do feel relieved, but at the same time, I'm mad that I made money control me like that. I know very few people who haven't purchased a brand new car. Why can't I be one of those people? Instead, I'm going to save up for a car when I need it, like when I have kids or something. By then, cars will probably be even more expensive, so either way I'm screwed.


and my next trick is...

Look at this! Another post - and it's simply the next day. I'm so proud of myself.

I know I'm the type of person who will at times drop off the face of the planet with this, but that's o.k. I'll always be back.

I haven't quite decided what kind of blog this is going to be. I'm technologically-challenged, so it will be interesting to see what I learn. I'm kind of thinking this should be a little about the knitting that I do, or maybe about the massive change in my life I am about to undertake due to my (forthcoming) dedication to healthier lifestyle. Who knows.

I tried to google this blog today from work, and it didn't come up. I don't know why, so I'm not sure that anyone can find it. If anyone out there has read this, please leave a comment, only to let me know that I'm being watched.


can you hear me now?

So, I "created" this blog about 6 months ago. For some reason, it's taken me that long to figure out how to post and customize. Learning how to post photos is going to be a whole other beast, I'm sure.

So this is it. My rants, my raves, my harsh realization that I'm turning into my mother. (I love you, Mom!)

Until I post again...(a success there would mean before Christmas)