I'm going to be missing for about a week. I'm planning an annual conference for a professional organization I belong to and it's next Tuesday, so I'm super busy! I'll be back next week!


Another post with no pictures...

The good news is that I found my camera. The better news is that I borrowed my dad's camera and I don't want to give it back. I'll have to figure that out later I guess.

Not much knitting to report. The log cabin is still coming along nicely. I think I have about six more rectangles to complete before I can call it finished. I'll see what project strikes my fancy after that. I'm limiting myself right now because there is too much to knit!

I just booked tickets for J and I to go visit his brother in D.C. the first weekend in May, which just happens to be the same weekend of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival! This will be the first time there for me - I'm so excited to go, but I don't know where to start! I'm afraid for my wallet that day as well!


Thoughts on...

White Feathers - I found one this weekend. I'm not sure if it's from my Uncle or my Grandpa, but it was AMAZING. J and I were leaving my mom's house to visit his sister, and we just happened to stop and there it was! The feeling of peace that overcame me was wonderful!

Eating right and exercising - Doing great there so far. I did a 45 minute kickboxing class last night, then went on a 30 minute walk to loosen my muscles up. Today is weight training. Fun! Food isn't that much of an issue yet, except yesterday I wasted 600 calories on chocolate - too much! Today's menu is better because I'm eating mostly fruits and veggies all day so I can enjoy chinese tonight.

The Secret - Have you heard the hype on this book? I read it, it's interesting. I'm living by the principles right now.

Work - I've been so busy lately. I feel like if one thing goes wrong, I will miss a ton of deadline and make some clients very angry. It's fulfilling work for the most part, but a little bit frustrating. That's o.k. though, because exercise helps me de-stress.

Travel - There is a lot of travel coming up for me over the next few weeks. We're home the next three weekends, then going to St. Louis for two weekends, then back here for two, then to Washington D.C., then back for two, then to St. Louis for one, then back for two, then New York City for one, then back...and that takes us up until July 4th! TOO MUCH TRAVEL!

Pictures - I lost my digital camera sometime after I took a bike ride with it on the 10th. I remember bringing it back into the house, but don't know where it went after that. I have my dad's camera that I'm borrowing, but I haven't even attempted to use it yet so no photos for a little while!


The concrete jungle

Here in Iowa, wildlife is everywhere. I thought these two geese were so cute waddling down the parking lot so I had to take a picture. There is a Walgreens not too far from here where a goose laid eggs in the parking lot under a bush and you could see her every day protecting her babies. I also saw people get out of their cars once and stop traffic on a busy four-lane road to help a goose and her babies get across the road. So cute!

I'm gone until next week...traveling to St. Louis. Happy St. Patty's day to all!


More on that darn spinning wheel

This is why my wheel is fake:

Yes, it does look like it could easily be converted to a working wheel, but that is not the case. That post is GLUED in there! Apparently no one every spun on this wheel - it was made for decoration only. I'm not that sad since I already decided that I wasn't a spinner, but now I have this non-working wheel to deal with. I think I might take it to an antique shop or something and see what I can get for it. I feel really bad for this woman who was in the spinning class that I took who bought a wheel like mine for $350, and the little old man she bought it from claimed his wife spinned on it for years, but it turns out hers is a fake too! Little old man liar!!


New Project Alert!

The new Knitty is up! And I found this pattern...which is perfect for the vest that I've been wanting to make with my Noro!!!

One of these days, I'm going to make a list of all of these things that I want to knit...one of these days.

Oh, and my Aunt Carol found a white feather this weekend.


Ever seen the wrong side of a log cabin blanket?

Originally uploaded by The Knitting Fool.
Nobody ever shows the wrong side, do they? I'm making some good progress on this blanket. This photo, taken Saturday, is already outdated - I've knit another two strips!

This will be gifted this summer to one of the two friends I have pregnant! another summer of babies around here!


The Baby Blanket that wasn't Meant to be...

Stinkers. We've all had a few. I had high hopes for this blanket. Very high hopes. It was my first baby blanket project - it was my first "I made it up myself" pattern, and my first attempt at holding three strands of yarn together at once. It did take me a while to start/finish it, and alas, I finished it too short of what it needed to be. It's nice and wide (about 40 inches!) but not long enough.

It also has a few small errors, like this hole.
And, it has a square where I knit pieces of it wrong so there are knits where purls should be and purls where knits shall be. I think this blanket is going to be gifted to my 3-year-old niece, who can care for her baby dolls with it. I'm still working on my log cabin blanket and that's going to be a big winner - I can already tell!

Oh, and I finally figured out why my photos are so grainy sometimes...when I upload them from home (on dial up) they only can upload a certain amount...so they are pixelated. I'll try to be better about uploading from work, but this is all I've got right now!